CFVC Visit Protocol Adjustments During COVID-19

We at Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic take public health very seriously. Sound and wise public health has been a pillar of our wellness and preventive medicine protocols and strategies since our founding.

In this era of pandemic and social distancing, wise public health philosophy is as important as ever.  Keeping your pet healthy is wise public health, and working to keep our clients safe is also a top priority.

For this reason, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, we have implemented some changes to how we conduct our wellness visits and exams over the next several weeks.  These changes have been very well received by those who encountered them during our trial phase, and we ask that you read what follows so you can be prepared for your next visit to the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic.

Of utmost priority, if you are sick in any way, please have a healthy family member present your pet or reschedule your appointment.

Now on to our itemized list…

  1. We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment.  We ask that your dog come wearing a leash and collar from which he/she cannot escape.  We ask that you arrive with your cat in a snug, secure carrier.
  2. Upon arrival, call us at 330-929-3223 and we will provide instructions and expectations for you.  We will provide you with our outgoing text number so you can be familiar with an additional source of potential instruction.  Please do not enter the clinic at this time. Should one of our doctors determine it necessary for you to enter the clinic, we will escort you into an exam room.
  3. One of our technicians or assistants will come to your car, obtain a history and review with you your questions and concerns, as well as determine what medications and/or preventives you may need.  We will also collect an email address in the event necessary follow up is limited by our new format. While the manner and timing may change, we will not sacrifice communication during this time.
  4. This technician or assistant will bring your pet indoors to be examined by the doctor.  The doctor will discuss findings, recommendations, etc., with you either over the phone or outdoors as the situation may dictate.
  5. Your pet will receive the same compassionate care you’ve come to expect from our team.  (Early observations suggest the animals have been better behaved than in the past.)
  6. Payment for services will be handled in the parking lot or over the phone.

These times are not easy, and our first choice is distinctly not limiting face-to-face communication.  Hopefully, this will be a brief episode in our long history of providing kind, compassionate, comprehensive care for your animals.


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