We’re sticking with a curbside model. Here’s why.

As 2020 moves on, and summer wanes into autumn, Dr. Jenn and I believe it’s important to communicate with you, our clients, about why we are maintaining a curbside model at Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic and why we are restricting public access to our clinic.

First, please know that this model is not our preference.  Going back to our founding in 1981, professional service with a personal touch has been a top priority.  The relationships our doctors have formed with so many of our clients have been incredibly rewarding.  We’ve missed giving up this aspect to the extent we’ve been forced.

However, in this era of Covid-induced social distancing and mandates from our governor and state & local health departments, we must be cognizant of the reality in which we live.  Our clinic as constructed does not allow for sufficient social distancing without wearing masks, according to our authorities.  

Already our patients are relatively unfamiliar with us as a visit to the clinic is not a normal part of their day, and when we cover our faces, their anxiety increases.  This is not healthy for them, and it is not safe for us.  We will work with our patients without covering our faces as doing so is in everyone’s best interest.  (The only exception to this is when our patients are at surgery, and in these times, they’re not concerned with our covered faces.)

Because we will not wear face coverings as we work with our patients, we cannot both allow clients into the building and operate within the directives of our governor and health departments.  And so we’re left with our present curbside model.

It is important that you call when you arrive. Catching the attention of our technicians to announce your arrival as they’re in the process of caring for other patients slows the process down for other patients and clients, and ultimately everyone.

To further facilitate the curbside model, we’ve made a number of changes.

  • We’ve added to our team.  Some of you have met Kelsey, whom we added in July, and as of September 1, you may work with Holly during your next visit.
  • We’ve added phone lines.  Things have been busy, and we know some of you have had a hard time calling into the clinic at particular times.  We’ve taken steps to alleviate this by adding a land line for your incoming calls as well as a texting/outgoing line.
  • Coming soon, we’ll be expanding our parking lot.  We need more spaces for our growing team, and we need more spaces for our growing clientele!

Ultimately, we’re playing the hand we’ve been dealt, and we’re working hard to provide quality medicine in an era where things are changing nearly every day.  For those who have demonstrated patience with and communicated appreciation for how we’re adapting, we’re grateful for you.


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