Exercise and Eating: a combination for healthy living

Have you noticed that the times when your pet does something naughty around the house often correspond with periods of boredom? Your dog usually chews the chair when she hasn’t been on a walk in a while. Your cat eats the plants when he hasn’t had much attentention from you. This doesn’t just happen at my house, does it?

Along silmilar lines, we’ve blogged in the past, under the title Exercise! Healthy Living for Dogs and Cats, that obesity is a big problem for many of the pets that we see.  Extra pounds are detrimental to the health and quality-of-life of our pets. We also mentioned that successful exercise begins with a decision to adjust the lifestyle in the home.

We’re always interested in passing along practical examples, and here are some great ideas for changing the lifestyle in your home and improving the mental stimulation and quality-of-life for your pets!  Marty Becker, DVM, offers some fantastic advice for you as you care for your cats and dogs at home.

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