Treating the Disease of Canine Obesity

We discussed in a previous blog post (Exercise! Healthy Living for Dogs and Cats) about how extra pounds are unhealthy for our feline and canine friends. Extra pounds contribute to arthritis formation, predispose an animal to diabetes, make breathing difficult, and exacerbate heart disease. Nobody would wish these symptoms on their best pet-friend.

In fact, a landmark study revealed that overweight/obese dogs don’t live as long and have earlier onsets of chronic diseases than their healthy body condition counterparts (JAVMA, May 1, 2002, Vol.220, No.9, pp.1315-1320).

For years, the only treatment available for obesity was diet and exercise. The vast majority of owners have been frustrated with diet and exercise, though, because even after great effort, in many cases the pounds just don’t seem to come off. There is an alternative now for dogs! (And hopefully one in the pipeline for cats. Bear with us, feline friends.)

While diet and exercise have a failure rate that is discouraging, Slentrol, a treatment for canine obesity, has a near 100% success rate. You read that correctly!

Slentrol is a liquid medication that has helped many, many obese dogs achieve a healthy body condition, and as a result, achieve an improved, comfortable lifestyle. It’s not a treatment that a dog begins and takes for the rest of his/her life. It’s a treatment that is monitored over time, by monthly rechecks, to be sure that the dog is taking the proper amount and losing weight at an appropriate, healthy rate. Over time they all achieve their goals.

If your dog is overweight, there is never a better time to begin a weight loss plan than now.

“How do I set up a weight-loss plan?” you may be asking yourself.

We have the anwswers to your questions about a weight-loss plan. And especially if you’ve been frustrated with the diet/exercise game in the past, consider purusing the weight-loss program that has worked for so many dogs. And not only worked, but helped dogs shed the excess pounds at a safe and healthy rate. No veterinarian in northeast Ohio has more experience with Slentrol than Dr. Ryan. So the next time you’re at the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic, ask one of the doctors about Slentrol. You’ll be glad you did.

Want to look into Slentrol on your own before you speak with the doctors? Visit and click on the “Success Stories” menu option on the left-hand side of the page. You can see video of owners who have been you your shoes. None of our owners are featured on the site, but they all could be. Achieving a healthy body condition in a safe and timely manner has been such a good thing for so many of our patients. The same can done for your dog that is struggling to lose weight and have the best quality of life that he/she deserves.

Remember, the goal of pursuing Slentrol is to give your pet-friend the best opportunity to enjoy a long, happy, healthy life with you!

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