+1 for Pet Insurance

We’ve blogged on pet insurance in the past, and a story that my wife, Jenn (also a DVM), shared with me about a good friend of hers hits even closer to home.

Jenn and LeAnne were chatting a few months back and during the part of their conversation that related to LeAnne’s cats, Jenn suggested that she look into pet insurance for them as a way to budget and help prevent a financial dilemma should an emergency arise. After considering her options, LeAnne decided that Embrace Pet Insurance offered the best plans for her cats and her situation.

Fast-forward to September of this year. After suffering an injury and receiving lots of get-well-soon flower arrangements, LeAnne’s cats decided to help themselves to chewing on some of the lilies in one of the arrangements. Not good…

Read the details of her story here.

The take-home message: You never know when an emergency will come. And you never know how big or dangerous the emergency will be. Taking steps to be prepared for dealing with an emergency is… well… ask LeAnne how she feels about her decision to prepare for an emergency:

“Having insurance allowed me to make decisions based upon what was best for them, not what I could afford. I plan to keep insurance for these two for the rest of their lives — I can’t afford NOT to.”

There are a variety of ways to avoid getting caught off guard when a pet emergency arises, pet insurance is one of them. Don’t put yourself in a position you’ll regret. Be prepared.


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