A Look Back To 2013, The Interesting And The Rare

One of the reasons we like veterinary medicine is because no two days are the same. We see rare and interesting cases and presentations every day and we have to be on our toes all the time. Here are some of the more unusual cases from 2013, and for more, visit our Flickr Set.

Dentigerous Cyst:

Dentigerous Cyst



Ticks, becoming more of a problem in northeast Ohio:


Sock in Colon:

Foreign BodyForeign Body


Feline Stomatitis

Abdominal Mass & Bladder Stone:

Urgent Urination

Esophageal Foreign Body on Esophagoscopy:


Maggots On Injured Cat:


Malignancy of Mandible:

Malignancy in Jaw

Mast Cell Tumor:

Large, Necrotic Mass

Whatever 2014 has in store for us, whether it’s something that could make a year-end list or it’s something extremely routine, rest assured that we’ll be ready to provide quality care for your four-legged companion.

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