Getting Back From Continuing Education

There’s a certain energy that comes from spending a week at Midwest Veterinary Conference and returning to the Clinic having heard about some of the latest advancements and developments in veterinary medicine. It’s particularly fun when cases present in the days following the convention that give us opportunities to put into practice what we’ve just learned. It’s really good for the patient!

This year, between the two doctors, lectures on dermatology, dentistry, feline nutrition, ophthalmology and practice management were taken in. The folks behind Midwest Veterinary Conference, the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, have done a very good job in recent years of bringing in engaging speakers who are on the forefront of their respective disciplines. This year did not disappoint.

One way to stay current on what we’re staying current on is to keep up with our blog here. It is our goal with this blog to inform and educate our owners. We firmly believe that informed pet owners make the best pet owners, and we want to partner with the best pet owners.


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