Helping a Rodent Mouth

We don’t have a large population of rodent patients at the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic, but when we do see them, dental issues seem to be one of the more common reasons. These guys need to have the proper occlusion of their teeth, and when this doesn’t happen, their lives can be at risk for the lack of ability to acquire food.

This little girl, Mimi, presented for a swollen face. Closer examination showed that her teeth had grown too long, and the root of the problem was the splaying of the lower teeth. The upper teeth weren’t able to keep them filed appropriately.

You can see here that a lower incisor was growing into the upper lip, and the long teeth were preventing her from getting food into her mouth.

Rat Malocclusion

Dr. Ryan used the high speed drill used for routine animal dentistry to cut the teeth back to their correct length. With further rechecks and followup care, we’ll hopefully be able to get these teeth back into proper alignment so Mimi can be a healthy girl.

Rat Malocclusion


From Mimi’s family: “Thank you so much for taking great care of Mimi! She is feeling so much better now that her teeth aren’t hurting anymore that is back to her sweet self, cuddling with her sister Eren!”


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