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We’re fortunate at the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic to have fantastic clients/owners that take very, very good care of their dogs. We also see some amazing cases. Because we see such a variety of pets and presentations, we can keep as current as possible on the diagnostic and treatment trends in companion animal veterinary medicine.

Let us share with you some of the photos we’ve collected over the past few years that illustrate some of the more interesting cases.

This dog suffered a broken canine tooth that required extraction. Once the tooth was out and the area was closed, the mouth was comfortable again.

Broken Canine Tooth Extracted Canine Tooth

Foreign bodies are not an unusual thing for us to see at all. We’ve seen animals swallow just about anything that can fit in their mouth. It always cracks us up that some cats won’t swallow a pill but they’ll swallow a sewing needle!

Needle Foreign Body - removed

One of our All-Star Chocolate Labs was very sick with a large, bleeding mass in his belly. Surgery revealed the mass below, and it turned out to be benign. He’s made it nearly four years (and still counting!).

Splenic Mass

Intussusception is a condition where the intestine telescopes on itself. The consequence is a narrowed or obstructed intestine. These patients become very sick and lethargic, and will die if the problem is not corrected. It can be tough to diagnose them and even tougher to see them, because if they’re in the early stages, just handling the dog’s belly will correct the condition. This dog made a fantastic recovery!


Our most viewed photos over at our Flickr Photostream are the Warble Photos. We usually see a couple of these each summer. They are the larval form of a fly that occasionally bothers cats and dogs.

Removing a Warble from a Cat Warble

Periodontal Disease is a very common finding in small animal medicine. Many of our patients that come in for routine wellness visits have some degree of periodontal disease. This radiograph shows how the bone has literally left the root and is no longer providing support.

Losing Support

Mange is a skin parasite that all puppies have to some degree, but the vast majority never develop symptoms because their immune systems keep the parasites in check. When this doesn’t happen as it should, the dog becomes very, very itchy as the skin inflames. The cause is the tiny parasite, Demodex, in the photo on the right.

Demodectic Mange Demodex

And ending on a happy note, we like finding puppies!

Pregnant! Puppy Count

For more fun and informative photos, bookmark our Flickr page and check back for additions.

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