On Veterinary Medicine and Cuyahoga Falls

Practicing veterinary medicine for the past 30 years in Cuyahoga Falls has been one of the highlights of my life. Having lived here most of my life I can say with pride that this area is second to none. It is a community with great people that reflects very good core values. The public schools of Cuyahoga Falls, Woodridge, Stow and other nearby communities as well as the private schools like Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy and Walsh Jesuit make this a community where education is first rate and contributes to a great environment in which to raise a family. Our national park system, sporting venues and cultural opportunities nearby are other reasons to be proud of our area and make living here even more enjoyable.

Dr. Gates

One of the most satisfying areas that veterinary medicine has afforded me is being able to watch pets grow up and remain healthy in homes where they are appreciated and loved by their families. Whether it is new additions to the home or all the way up to seniors pets, the key is maintaining a healthy and productive environment to enhance lifestyles. Since my beginning in veterinary medicine, the advances in the field have been amazing, and the healthcare that is available to our pets now is first rate. One of the practice philosophies of Dr. Ryan and myself is to keep abreast of the latest technologies and advances to provide pets with the best possible scenarios in all situations. I would always encourage all pet owners to value the importance of good veterinary care and the partnership we offer in maintaining happy and healthy pets.

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