Pampered Pets

Calling all pet spoilers!

We often hear stories from our dog owners about shoveling paths through the snow in the yard.  It’s just one example of how we can go above and beyond for our four-legged friends during the winter time.  Here are two examples of how you can give loving attention to your pet during the warm months outside:

  1. Build a bench your cats will love.  They can sun themselves out on your patio and have that “prowling in the yard” feeling close to home!
  2. Combine exercise and fun with Agility Training for your dog.  There are a number of options for you if you’re looking for an Agility outlet for your dog. Some are very local and are priced very reasonably. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your dog to get worn out while having fun, and to share good bonding time with you!

Let us know how you pamper your pet during the summer time.


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