CFVC Adds Therapeutic Laser!

It is with great excitement that we announce the addition of a Therapeutic Laser to the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic. We’ve spent a great deal of time researching the benefits of Light Therapy and speaking with a number of clinics around the country who have added this cutting edge treatment to their practices. After carefully considering the options available to us, we’ve finally added this great tool to our Clinic. And the addition of Light Therapy fits nicely within our mission of providing kind, compassionate and comprehensive health care for your pet so that your pet can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life with you.

What is a Therapeutic Laser? We could get into the specifics of how Therapeutic Laser utilizes light energy to enhance mitochondrial and chromophore activity within the cell to promote the production of ATP with the ultimate goal of providing greater, more timely tissue repair and pain relief. But that’s a little too technical for our blog. The most understandable way to phrase the role of Therapeutic Laser is this: The application of light energy to the body allows the cells within the body to behave at peak performance to promote health.

Therapeutic Laser
Therapeutic Laser
Therapeutic Laser

This tool has been widely used in the physical therapy (PT) field for quite some time now, and the people who have received treatments attest to its benefit. If Therapeutic Laser safely and effectively helps people, we want to apply the same technology to our furry companions.

Where and when is Therapeutic Laser helpful? The better question may be, “When is it not helpful?”

Therapeutic Laser has applications in three particular areas:
1. Wound care and tissue repair
2. Inflammatory conditions
3. Pain control

In the day-to-day world of veterinary medicine and surgery, Therapeutic Laser provides great help in the management of ear infections, arthritis, skin disease, abscesses and infections, surgical recovery, post-dental-care oral healing, bruises and other traumatic wounds, back pain, and the list can go on. Especially with cats, where our pain management options are very limited, Light Therapy is a welcome treatment modality.

You will see literature online comparing and contrasting Class IV Lasers and Class III Lasers. At the end of the day, light is light, and if a particular Therapeutic Laser is capable of providing light penetration to the area of need, the Class becomes negligible. We have chosen a Class III Therapeutic Laser. Hundreds of human-care facilities have been utilizing Class III Laser Therapy with great success in the northeast Ohio area for years. And now we have the ability to provide this same excellent care to our pet patients!

If you have any questions about Therapeutic Laser, or if you’re wondering if Therapeutic Laser is right for your pet, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can reach us at 330-929-3223.


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