Laser Declaw: The Best Comfort For Your Kitty

After performing declaw procedures for years with a surgical blade, the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic purchased a surgical laser in 2003 and began performing declaw procedures exclusively with the laser. We haven’t regretted this decision for a single minute since.

Cats that are declawed with a blade often recover well and are very comfortable… in the long-run. Immediately after surgery and for the next several days (and sometimes longer), though, their feet are sore and many of these patients are reluctant to move as they normally would despite being given appropriate pain medication. There is also a significant amount of bleeding that must be controlled at the time of a blade declaw, and Blue Eyessometimes bleeding can be a post-operative complication with blade declaws, as well.

Cats declawed with the surgical laser, on the other hand, are up and moving around comfortably the evening of surgery. The procedure is virtually bloodless, as the laser cauterizes the blood vessels. Declawing is significant surgery, and cats have reason to be uncomfortable. However, by performing the procedure with the laser which cauterizes the nerve endings, as well as giving appropriate pre-operative and post-operative pain medications at safe doses, we’ve been able to make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible.

The first kitty that we declawed with the surgical laser, way back in 2003, dug at and flipped over the mat in his cage following surgery. Cats with sore paws simply do not dig. The difference that we saw with laser declaws from Day One was dramatic. We will not declaw a kitty with a blade again.

If you are considering having your kitty declawed, make sure to consider their post-operative comfort and recovery as a top priority. Laser declaw is the best way to know that your kitty will be as comfortable as possible.

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  1. Sam Lizewski

    My wife and I were looking to get our kitten Lila de-clawed but were a little apprehensive about effects. We read from other websites how much better the laser procedure was, less evasive and a quicker turnaround rate.

    When we got her the following day after the procedure, Lila seemed to want to go home as fast as the speed limits allowed. Once we got home to our apartment, Lila, after chowing down some food then took a few hour cat nap. Once she awoke, she acted like there was no difference from before the procedure. She immediately went to her tunnel toy and played for about 30 minutes running back and forth and swatting at the little ball. The following day, she was back to tormenting our older cat, chasing and following him around.

    The laser procedure seemed so much easier on Lila than the cutting method our other cat Kirby received. We would recommend this procedure whole heartily. Your kitten will come home acting crazy as always within a day or two, if not as soon as you let her out of the travel box.

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