Play With Your Cat!

Outdoor cats have any number of games, prey and toys with which to occupy themselves, but what about the indoor cats? Does your indoor cat look bored with life? We’re not only interested in the physical health of your cat, but the mental health, as well. If your cat has approached middle age or the senior years and has coasted in the “playing” department, all is not lost. Sometimes our kitty companions need to have their life spiced up a bit! This requires only a little bit of imagination. Here are some starters:

1. Have you ever tried using a laser pointer with your cat? No, don’t shine the spot on her forehead! Point the spot on the ground and coax your feline friend to chase it. This game is particularly good for those of us who are lazy: you can exercise your cat while you sit on your couch.

2. Clear off that window sill that looks out into the back yard. If you’re handy, build a nice shelf or seat for you cat to sit comfortably and watch what’s going on out there. The wildlife on the other side of the window can fascinate a kitty.

3. If you can’t set up a bird feeder for your cat to watch outside, pick up a DVD for your cats that can entertain them on your television set.

4. If there are one or two toys that have been sitting out for weeks (months?) without any play time, put them away for a while, especially if your cat enjoyed them a while back. “Out of sight, out of mind” can definitely apply to your cat’s toys, and when you get them back out again, it’s like a new toy!

5. Rather than feeding your cat in one or two sittings, take their meal and split it up into smaller portions, and then hide those portions around the house. You can provide fun and mental stimulation by hiding some kibble in toys and puzzles.

6. If you’ve got the space in your home to add ramps or “catwalks” for climbing, this can really excite your kitty. You can knock yourself out designing and constructing your own Cat Jungle Gym or you can purchase a pre-made playhouse.

7. For the especially cost-conscious, take an old tissue box and drop a ping-pong ball in it. If your cat looks at you with a blank stare, cut some small windows in the box for them to see the ball. Or, simply set out a box in the middle of the room and see what you cat does with it. You may be surprised. Simon’s owner was:

Why not consider getting your lethargic leopard a buddy? Sometimes cats just need a playmate, and there are plenty of fit, active, fun kitties in need of a home.

If your cat takes any of the examples listed above and becomes destructive in the behavior, don’t sweat it, just remove the inciting cause. Different cats play differently. Most of the time, it’s a matter of finding what interestes your own cat the most.

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