Landscape Changes

Beginning in 1999, Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic left the area around the neighborhood sign on the corner of State Road and Hunter Parkway to The Dales to maintain according to an agreement struck between three parties in 1998.

This was challenged by a number of residents of The Dales and brought to our attention in late May of 2024 in the form of a letter addressed to us from a Cuyahoga Falls city councilman.

  • The first bit of background: A number of residents had been collecting money for mowing and plant management for many years and engaging in some beautification work on their own. This, we were told, was becoming costly and burdensome. These residents appealed to their city councilman, Michael Brillhart of Ward 5 and also a neighbor, to ask the city of Cuyahoga Falls for assistance with the cost and effort. This could not be done, they were told, because the city does not manage private property. After inquiry at the county level, they learned Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic was the owner. Mr. Brillhart then sent us a letter requesting we take responsibility on or before June 15.
  • The second bit of background goes back much further. When in 1998 my father, Dr. Gates, purchased 3305 State Road from Dale Haggarty, the property and neighborhood developer, an agreement was made involving three parties. Mr. Haggarty agreed to sell the property, Dr. Gates agreed to leave the neighborhood sign in place, and The Dales HOA agreed to maintain the area around the sign and leading into the neighborhood.

None of the original three parties are around any longer in any business or agreement-making capacity. Mr. Haggarty passed away in 2017, Dr. Gates has been enjoying retirement for nearly 10 years, and the HOA was dissolved years ago following, we’re told, a dispute over allowable mailbox colors. Further, we, the present owners of Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic, were not made aware of this agreement until June 10, 2024, when all of this was brought to our attention.

As we are now aware of the land and liability situation, we have been advised to take responsibility in the fullest sense.  This includes taking responsibility for who is on our property, and in what capacity they are on it. Given what we now know, we cannot continue to allow unauthorized and uninsured third parties to engage in work on the landscaping on our property.

We will, though, maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the land. We will convert the present landscaping into a pet memorial garden, a pretty and peaceful location where one can sit in the shade and contemplate. Additionally, sometimes we have difficult conversations with our clients and they need a place to step outside and consider their options. And sometimes our employees want to eat their lunch outside in a cool and pleasant place. The garden will be such a place.

If you are a neighbor unhappy at learning this, we respectfully ask you to put yourself in our position. Given the circumstances as they developed and the knowledge we now have, we’ve been left with only one option any legal council or insurance agent would advise. We appreciate your consideration and understanding.


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