Return to Traditional Appointments!

One of the most amazing things Dr. Jenn and I heard from our good clients in recent weeks and months as we’ve been catching them up with the status of our expansion project is, “When you’re all done, will we be allowed back inside?”

The answer to this question is a resounding, “YES!!!”

And as of mid-November, we’ve returned to traditional appointments. (There are still a number of small items to complete, but the bulk of the renovation is done and we’re thrilled to welcome in to see what we’ve done!)

In fact, getting back to traditional appointments was the primary and only reason we’ve taken on this investment and ordeal.  Dr. Jenn and I never once wanted to move to a curbside model during the Covid pandemic.  That’s why we were seen consistently meeting with clients outside and maskless.

Communication is important.  Communication along with the practice of good medicine is what built Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic going way back to 1981.  And communication is so much more than a phone call.  It’s facial expression and body language, too.  It’s also the welcoming nature that’s expressed when we invite our clients to enter our space.  We want that type of communication, and we’ve put our money where our mouth is.

The combination of state-imposed curbside service and the fact that we simply outgrew our building during the Covid pandemic pressed us to make a decision:

  • Stop taking on new clients, and in fact trim our present client roster
  • Open a satellite clinic elsewhere
  • Expand locally to meet the demand and provide services for those who need them

We settled on the third, and that necessitated some big, and longer-term inconveniences.  The good news… we’re nearing the end of the inconveniences!

To catch you up to speed…

  • we’ve added three exam rooms
  • we’ve converted our old employee break room (designed for 4-6 people) to a second surgery room
  • a new employee break room was added to accommodate the 11-15 we now have on a typical day
  • laundry capacity was doubled… HALLELUJAH!
  • we’ve whittled down our kennel space because we haven’t provided as much boarding in recent years, and this gave us space to increase our treatment room capacity by 50%
  • the doctors office was remodeled to provide sufficient space for 5 doctors (… one of these days…)

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