Big Changes at CFVC

It’s a poorly kept secret delivering veterinary medical services has become more of a challenge since the pandemic started. Nobody anticipated the world events would lead to a dramatic nationwide increase in animal adoption and pet ownership, but that’s exactly what we’ve observed and experienced.

Surveys show this increase in pet ownership has been over a million nationally, and similar surveys show a corresponding increase in veterinary visits.  The truth is, we’ve had a hard time keeping up with this increased demand.  

  • First, we added phone lines to avoid missing calls from frustrated clients getting busy signals. 
  • Then we added to our team to have enough hands and minds to handle the increased workload.  This is proving to be a constant work in progress, and you’ll continue to see new faces.
  • Then we expanded our parking lot to contain our increase in employees while also accommodating the additional clients and patients we were seeing every hour.
  • Most recently we made the decision to remain in primarily curbside mode, with traditional appointments on Wednesday and Saturdays*.  This was distinctly not about fears of Covid, but rather to maintain efficiency.  We are able to see more patients without compromising our medical standards when we don’t have to move our clients through the building.
  • All of this is a work in progress, and while we may not be moving as quickly through appointments as you may have been used to, or as fast as you’d like, our vision is to provide as much quality care as we possibly can.

We know the frustration of not being able to get an appointment with our own human doctors for weeks to months out, and we were hearing the frustration from our clients when they learned they’d necessarily have to wait a few weeks to get in.

Drs. Jenn and Ryan value communication, and we’ve heard you.

BIG THINGS are in the works at Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic.  

To provide the very best and and most timely care we possibly can, we’ve added a veterinarian to our team, and it’s impossible to communicate in written words just how excited we are to introduce Dr. Tracie Springer to you.  Her teaming with Dr. Ryan, Dr. Jenn and Dr. Shelby will allow all of us to provide greater availability and maintain our long-standing standard in the midst of unprecedented demand.

Dr. Springer’s joining our team, and all of the circumstances that led to this necessity, also brings some rather big changes.  First, good doctors rely on good support staff.  Our present team is presently stretched very thin, and we’re in the process of adding to our team.  We have high standards for our technicians and assistants, and we’re working hard to identify those who will help us provide the good care we expect of ourselves.  

Equally important, we’ve officially acknowledged the fact we’ve outgrown our building.  The wonderfully efficient, always immaculately clean building Dr. Doug Gates built in 1999 is becoming too small for three and four doctors to sufficiently keep up with all of the demand we’re experiencing.  Our creativity with what is becoming limited space is getting more challenging.  Expansion is in the works, and this will bring with it a whole new set of challenges.

We have a long-term vision for Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic. This vision includes returning to traditional style appointments, shorter wait times for appointments for both existing and new clients, a larger surgery suite to accommodate two surgeons, greater space for the amazing laboratory technology we’ve added (and will continue to add), sufficient desk space in the doctor’s office… and the list goes on.

Our vision necessarily calls for patience and flexibility from our doctors, our support team, and also from you, our clients.

We will necessarily remain in curbside mode for the duration of the transition, and depending upon the particular day or stage in construction, we may have some disruptions in availability.  We intend, though, to keep the care our patients experience as uninterrupted and normal as possible.

Through what will be somewhat of a long process, we will work with the same goal we always have, to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for our patients.  We’re excited about what is to come, and we are looking forward to sharing this excitement with you.



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