ProHeart12 joins the arsenal against parasites

We’ve talked compliance before.  It’s one of the greatest challenges in medicine, either on the human side or the veterinary side.

We’ve also talked ProHeart6 before.  This is the injectable heartworm preventive that also helps with intestinal parasite control, and it covers dogs for 6 months.  ProHeart6 has been our go-to internal parasite control preventive for many years.

Recently ProHeart12 was approved by the FDA, and we’re so happy to join our Australian veterinary colleagues who’ve had this option available for years.  One injectable preventive protects dogs for 12 months.

ProHeart6 helped with compliance, ProHeart12 is another big step in keeping our dogs covered without having to remember much.

Both are available at Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic to meet your preference and budget.  If you want your dog protected against internal parasites and compliance has been a struggle for you, ask one of our doctors about ProHeart.


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