We’re maintaining our curbside plan. Here’s why.

We’re sticking with our curbside model, and it’s not about Covid.

For a variety of reasons, the demand for veterinary services has increased dramatically since March, 2020.  This increased demand is a national as well as a local phenomena, and it has not slowed down.  At times, the demand has outpaced our ability to adequately supply it.

In order to meet the demand of our regular clients, for whom we are very grateful, we must maintain the most efficient model, and that has proven to be curbside.  This allows us to avoid 2-4+ week wait times for appointments, such as we’ve had to impose upon new clients, for whom we are also very thankful.

For those who feel a particular need to accompany their animal into the exam room, we will make appointments available on Wednesdays and Saturdays for traditional visits.  At the same time, we’ve learned nearly all of our patients are better behaved when separated from their owners.  The degree to which our patients respond to and take cues from their owners’ anxiety is significant.  Accordingly, some of our patients will always be seen on a curbside model at the doctors’ discretion.  End-of-life visits will return to a traditional model for those who desire it.

Drs. Ryan and Jenn will continue to evaluate the way veterinary medicine is practiced and delivered at Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic.  The goal has always been to deliver compassionate & comprehensive veterinary care.  That looks different today than it did prior to the pandemic, but the product delivered to the patient remains the same, as it ought to be.


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