We’re maintaining our curbside plan. Here’s why.

The following is an update to our previous post on the topic.

It’s springtime in 2021, and Dr. Jenn and I believe it’s important to communicate with you, our clients, about why we are maintaining a curbside model at Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic and why we are limiting public access into our clinic.

We’ve learned a lot from Covid, the pandemic, and our collective response to it.  This time last year, vast changes were imposed upon us as individuals and as a society.  We here at CFVC had to make adaptations on the fly.  We worked through a lot of kinks, learned from mistakes, and made improvements along the way.

One of the things we learned here at CFVC is we are much more efficient in most areas of practicing medicine with a curbside model.  Curbside really is good for the patient.

We also learned, on balance, the animals are much better behaved.  MUCH better behaved.

We learned new ways of maintaining the personal touch and relationships that have come to characterize a Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic experience.  Going back to our founding in 1981, professional service with a personal touch has been a top priority.  The relationships our doctors have formed with so many of our clients have been incredibly rewarding.  We realize many times last year the personal connection was absent, particularly when we were forced to converse on the phone.  When it is at all possible, we doctors will prioritize face-to-face conversations.

Some things haven’t changed since this pandemic hit us.  We all must acknowledge the imposition of social distancing is still a thing.  Our clinic as constructed does not allow for sufficient social distancing, according to our authorities.  And for a couple of important reasons, we cannot guarantee our team will be wearing facial coverings at all times in the clinic.  We understand this is a major concern for some and not at all a concern for others.  This isn’t the place to hash masks out, and we will not allow our clinic, our business, to be a pawn in the debate.

So we’re sticking with the curbside model for the time being.  Let’s review a couple of items.

It is important that you call when you arrive. Catching the attention of our technicians to announce your arrival as they’re in the process of caring for other patients slows the process down for other patients and clients, and ultimately everyone.

We’ve made significant investments and modifications in an effort to provide a smooth, positive experience:

  • We’ve added to our team.
  • We’ve added phone lines.
  • We’ve expanded our parking lot for easier in-and-out access.

We’re working hard to provide quality medicine in an era where things are have radically changed, and we intend to remain flexible, continuing the positives we’ve learned through this whole process.  We are not interested in doing things simply because “it’s the way we’ve always done it.”  Improvements can, and should be made whenever possible.

So we ask that you call when you arrive and allow our team of assistants and technicians to get your visit started or deliver what you’ve ordered.  As much as is possible, as much as the schedule and weather permit, we doctors will speak with you in person outside.  Please understand this may not always be possible, and in such situations, we’ll speak on the phone, working to answer all of your questions and address all of your needs.

We don’t know when we’ll be able to return to the pre-2020 normal which some of our clients desire.  In some areas, we will not.  We fully intend, though, to work to make the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic experience as positive as we can for as many as we can.

For those who have demonstrated patience with and communicated appreciation for how we’ve adapted, we’re grateful for you.


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