ProHeart6: Memory-free Heartworm Preventive

The best parasite prevention is the one that is present when the parasite shows up. If a heartworm preventive treatment is 100% effective, but is not given at when needed and on time, heartworm disease is a risk.

We’ve discussed ProHeart6 in the past. ProHeart6 is the injectable heartworm preventive that protects dogs for 6 months, meaning they are receiving continuous heartworm protection and you don’t have to remember to give a tablet every month.

No heartworm preventive has been more heavily scrutinized from a safety standpoint than ProHeart6. Where there was once internet chatter suggesting that ProHeart6 was unsafe for dogs, the evidence now shows that ProHeart6 has the least associated adverse effects.

Because ProHeart6 has been found to be so safe and effective, the FDA lifted all restrictions and hoops through which to jump prior to administering it to dogs.

The bottom line: all of the heartworm preventives and parasite control options that we use and recommend have a proven track record of efficacy & safety.

Why choose one over the other? A variety of factors go into the decision about which heartworm preventive to use: dog’s lifestyle, allergies/sensitivities & cost, to name a few. We can go over the options with you and help you choose the best way to prevent heartworm disease in your dog.

Update: ProHeart12 has been approved by the FDA.   There is now 12 months of prevention available in 1 treatment at CFVC.

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