Broken Tooth: What’s the Solution?

Given how much dogs chew on things that they shouldn’t, it’s no surprise that we often see broken teeth on oral examinations. When the tooth breaks and exposes the sensitive tissue and the nerve within the tooth, pain is the result.

We at the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic make no apologies for placing great importance upon dental and oral health and comfort. Whether your pet has periodontal disease or a broken tooth, oral pain must be addressed.

Animals rarely stop eating when they have dental pain. Animals want to minimize their problems. They are also driven to survive. So, if an animal stops eating because their mouth hurts, they have two problems: their mouth hurts and they’re hungry. Additionally, animals don’t want to starve themselves. (If an animal stops eating because of oral pain, this is undoubtedly an emergency!)

What should be done for a broken tooth? For starters, a broken tooth should not be ignored. Broken teeth will become abscessed… it’s only a matter of time. And who of us would want to have an abscessed tooth?

Broken teeth need to be extracted to prevent infection and future pain.

Not all extraction procedures are the same. At the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic, we take pain management very seriously. We address your pet’s comfort before the procedure, during the procedure and after the procedure with appropriate injectable and oral pain medication. We use combinations of only the safest anesthetics to ensure that small doses are used in responsible ways while your pet is at general anesthesia. All patients at general anesthesia are monitored closely by trained staff using the latest technology.

There are some scenarios in which a broken tooth ought to be treated by root canal. If a tooth root is critical to the bone support, such as with a lower canine tooth in a toy breed dog, referral to a veterinarian with root canal experience can be arranged.

In any event, the goal is to prevent pain and infection, and maximize comfort and quality of life. If one of our doctors finds a broken tooth in your pet’s mouth, do not delay treatment. Your pet’s comfort is riding on your decision to act.

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