Providing Oral Comfort

Nobody is sure how Maggie broke one of her upper canine teeth, but it looked pretty painful to her family at home and to me when she presented for examination. She needed help.

In our last post we highlighted digital dental radiography and how it helps us provide optimal care for our patients. In this post we’ll highlight the importance of high quality dental instruments. I know the vast majority of our readers have no interest in watching a video of a high speed drill and how that helps to remove a dog’s broken canine tooth in less than 10 minutes at general anesthesia. For this reason, I’ll provide before and after photos, and tell you that it took me longer to compose this post than it took for me to finish his procedure.

Using quality, sharp instruments along with a high speed drill, I was able to take care of Maggie and restore comfort to her mouth by removing the area of exposed nerve in a very short period of time at general anesthesia. And not long after surgery, it’s a no-doubter now: she’s up and at ’em!


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